Some of Our Favourite Recent Barrisol Installations

Recent Barrisol Installation Projects

2018 is shaping up to be a record breaking year for Barrisol Welch installations. So far this year we have had the privilege to be a part of the design and installation of some rather impressive stretch ceiling and lighting projects across the UK.

Every Barrisol installation is unique, which means every project has required the specialist skills and expertise that only the Barrisol Welch team can provide.

With over 45 years of experience in designing, programming and installing a range of creative lighting and ceiling systems, it’s no wonder we have built a reputation for being the UK’s leading stretch ceiling specialists.

Barrisol Installations

Let’s take a closer look at some of the projects we’ve been working on from shopping centres to commercial offices and distilleries.

Grom Gelato, Piccadilly London

Grom Gelato, the all-natural and authentic Italian gelato brand has opened its first shop in the heart of London Piccadilly. With stores in over 40 cities worldwide already, Grom’s Piccadilly site features five circular stretch mirrors, supplied and installed by Barrisol Welch.

Grom Gelato London Stretch Mirror Installation

The Macallan Distillery, Aberlour

The new Macallan distillery and visitor experience sits within the heart of The Macallan Estate, and offers a unique statement in architecture, construction and whiskey making. Barrisol Welch is proud to have been part of forming this architectural masterpiece with the installation of 33 Noir Tulipe stretch ceilings and 2 acoustic Noir Tulipe ceilings in the barrel room.

Barrisol Welch Macallan Acoustic Stretch Ceiling Installation

The Discovery Museum, Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Discovery Museum in Newcastle Upon Tyne, is housed in the old Cooperative Wholesale Society building, Blanford House. Featuring a range of science and local history based exhibitions, Barrisol Welch was asked to install 9 translucent oval rafts with Osram Halo LED lighting.

191 West George Street, Glasgow

191 West George Street is one of the most prominent buildings in the Central Business District in Glasgow. Following a £5.5million refurbishment to create 87,00 sq ft of premium office space, Barrisol Welch manufactured and installed 3 slanted light boxes as part of the buildings redevelopment.

191 West George Street Slanted Light Box Installation

Millenium Point, Birmingham

Millenium Point is the flagship development site at the heart of Birmingham’s Eastside district, also known as the city’s knowledge quarter. Barrisol Welch manufactured and installed 5 orange light boxes to the Incubation Suite and one large orange light box to the level 1 foyer.

Millennium Point Orange Light Box & Feature Lighting Installation

Codemasters HQ, Warwickshire

Codemasters have been making iconic games for over 30 years and are proud to be the home of the official games for Formula One. They claim the secret to their success is a mixture of vision and technology which is fostered in their dynamic and creative working environments.

The Barrisol Welch team are experts when it comes to creating stand out working environments. We really enjoyed installing this translucent ceiling with interactive intelligent LEDs to create chevrons when you walk through the corridor.

Topshop, Waterside Shopping Centre

Following a significant investment programme into Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre, Topshop and Topman have taken joint residence in an 11,300 sq ft store, within the newly refurbished centre.

The fashion savvy brands are well known for their design led retail spaces and employed Barrisol Welch to install a large 6 meter translucent circle in the centre of the store with Osram BackLED behind to help create a bright and open atmosphere.

Barrisol Welch Topshop Osram BackLED Circular Feature

Studio B, Birmingham

The new Studio B store in Birmingham is modelled on the design-driven Studio B innovation hub that was founded in London. The idea was to support the brands new digital banking experience that aims to be both inspiring and functional. The Birmingham store features 3 large light boxes, designed and installed by Barrisol Welch.

Barrisol Welch Studio B Light Box Installation

8 Salisbury Square, London

8 Salisbury Square offers over 155,000 sq ft of prime office space. The prestigious building has been extensively refurbished to a Grade A specification, over 10 floors.

Barrisol Welch is delighted to have installed 3 large translucent ceilings to the reception area and 8 smaller translucent ceilings to the first floor corridors with Osram LED lighting behind, to perfectly complement this beautiful development.

Barrisol Stretched Ceilings & Creative Lighting

If you’d like to know more about Barrisol’s amazing range of products or any of these installation projects, call the Barrisol Welch team on 0800 124 4143 or fill out our handy contact form and we’ll call you back.

The History of Barrisol

The Rise of Barrisol Normalu

Barrisol World Leaders in Stretch Ceilings

Normalu was founded in 1967 by Mr Farnand Sherner with the commercialisation of two licenses for the aluminium track systems. The company began manufacturing the first stretch ceiling in 1969 and by 1975 the Barrisol Normalu brand was established.

50 years later the Barrisol brand that we know today has grown from strength to strength. Now featuring a whole universe of products, patents and innovations, the entire collection of Barrisol comprises over 20 unique stretch ceiling systems.

By utilising the latest technological developments to consistently refine and improve its range of products, Barrisol Normalu has helped to shape new industry standards and procedures to reinforce the company’s reputation as the world leader in stretch ceilings.

Barrisol company history and the innovation of Barrisol products

Design and Innovation

Although referred to as ‘stretch ceilings’, Barrisol can be applied to an infinite range of applications, offering endless possibilities for designers and architects looking to create something outstanding.

Often underestimated, ceilings and walls provide huge design potential in helping to set the tone and the shape of an interior space. From commercial buildings to retail spaces, exhibitions, swimming pools and even your own home, a Barrisol stretch ceiling guarantees to provide aesthetically exciting designs without compromising on light, acoustics or safety.

Choose from a diverse palette of over 230 unique colours and a wide range of finishes, textures, prints and translucent elements, to create the exact look you want for your project.

Barrisol UK

Barrisol Welch are the UK’s leading stretch ceiling specialists. A part of the Welch Services Group, we have an unrivalled knowledge when it comes to stretch ceilings, lighting design and AV integration.

We’ve been designing and installing Barrisol stretch systems for over 45 years, so you can be confident in our abilities to deliver the highest levels of workmanship, every time. Don’t just take our work for it though, take a look at some of our Barrisol installation projects and videos to see for yourself.

We provide a range of services from rapid Barrisol quotations to design assistance, installations and on-going Barrisol maintenance. If you’re experiencing problems with a stretch ceiling project, our project rescue service is experienced in helping to turnaround projects that have fallen weeks behind schedule in just days.

For more information on Barrisol’s universe of products and installations, get in touch or call our team on 0800 124 4143. We’re always here to help.

Barrisol Welch Introduces The New GTs Range

Barrisol Launches GTs Glass Textile Ceiling & Wall Covering Range

Barrisol GTs Retail Installation

Barrisol Welch introduces the new GTs range to it’s UK installations portfolio

  • Barrisol GTs meets the most demanding standards of health and safety
  • Barrisol Welch offer non flammable stretch ceiling and wall installations across the UK
  • Includes all the benefits of the original Barrisol stretch ceiling range

Glass Textile System

Barrisol Welch are pleased to announce the introduction of the Barrisol Glass Textile System (GTs) to its catalogue of specialist Barrisol installations.

This latest non flammable stretch fabric innovation from the Barrisol Universe, offers the highest levels of fire safety without compromising on design.

Ideal for high rise developments and evacuation routes, GTs can be combined with Barrisol’s acoustic, light and print capabilities to create beautiful ceiling designs in the largest of spaces.

Key product advantages:

  • 10 year warranty
  • Energy saving LED
  • Best rating A+ VOC emissions
  • Integration of heating lighting, air conditioning and sound systems
  • Moisture resistant
  • Suitable for large spaces

Find out more about the commercial advantages of Barrisol GTs and download the product brochure. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a Barrisol installation, get in touch or call the Barrisol Welch team on 0800 124 4143.

Gallery of Barrisol GTs

Barrisol Launches Light Lines

Introducing Barrisol Light Lines Creative Lighting

Barrisol Light Lines For Exhibitions

Barrisol Welch adds Barrisol Light Lines to its range of Barrisol UK installations

  • Barrisol Light Lines is the latest creative lighting innovation from Barrisol
  • Barrisol Welch now offers Barrisol Light Line installations across the UK
  • Minimalist and unique lighting designs

Barrisol UK

Barrisol Welch is proud to announce the introduction of Barrisol Light Lines to its already extensive range of stretch ceiling and lighting installations.

The latest lighting innovation from the Barrisol Universe offers the invisible integration of LED strip style lighting with any Barrisol stretch ceiling system.

Available in over 300 colours and finishes, including the acoustivc ceiling, stretch mirror and printed walls & ceilings ranges, Barrisol’s Light Line profiles offer a reduced power consumption which saves energy and extends the life of the LEDs.

Fully adaptable to to all shapes, the lighting is installed in strip style curved or straight lines for a seamless and uniform finish that creates a unique look that is fully integrated within the stretch ceiling.

Discover more about the advantages of Barrisol Light Lines and download the product brochure.

If you would like to discuss an installation, get in touch or call the Barrisol Welch team on 0800 124 4143. We’re always happy to help.

Gallery of Barrisol Light Lines

Why Choose Barrisol Welch?

The UK’s Stretch Ceiling Specialists

Barrisol UK

With unrivalled product knowledge and over 43 years experience in designing and installing unique stretch ceiling systems, Barrisol Welch is the UK’s leading stretch ceiling specialists.

Our reputation for delivering high quality Barrisol installations has enabled us to build strong relationships with trade professionals around the world.

Whether you’re a home owner, interior designer, architect or contractor, we are committed to providing a professional, friendly and flexible service for every customer, on every project.

Barrisol UK

A key benefit to choosing Barrisol Welch is our ability to handle complete projects, from concept to delivery and aftercare.

Our rapid production, delivery and installation times make us the number 1 choice for Barrisol installations in the UK.

We offer a range of services from our UK workshop including

Through our project rescue service, we help to save stretch ceiling projects where the original contractor has failed to deliver on time or to an acceptable standard.

We’re also skilled in providing emergency design support for tenders, specifications and CAD drawings within extremely tight turnarounds.

The World Leader Of Stretch Ceilings

Barrisol’s stretched ceilings are an award winning technology that has been designed to be versatile, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.

As the world leader in the design and development of stretch ceiling technology, the Barrisol universe of products is globally recognised as the best on the market.

The Benefits of Barrisol Stretched Ceilings

  • Innovative – Barrisol products present endless possibilities when comes to design and application
  • Guaranteed – Manufactured to the highest specification, Barrisol stretch sheets are all supplied with a 10 year guarantee
  • Safe – With over 40 years of development behind them, Barrisol materials are guaranteed to be the safest on the market, conforming to both European and International fire and health regulations
  • Environmentally Aware – Barrisol is committed to sustainable product development, from supply to end of life disposal

Contact Barrisol Welch

Want to know more about Barrisol Welch and our range of services? Get in touch or call the team on 0800 124 4143 for more information.

Alternatively take a look at our latest case studies and installation videos for inspiration on your next design project.

Barrisol Editions Collaboration With Chantal Thomass

Barrisol Editions

Barrisol Chantal Thomass Butterfly

Barrisol Collaborates With Chantal Thomass

  • Barrisol collaborates with French stylist Chantal Thomass
  • The project incorporates Barrisol’s 3D capabilities
  • New Barrisol Editions brochure now available

Barrisol Editions With Chantal Thomass

Barrisol is the world leading manufacturer of stretch ceilings and has extended its universe to incorporate lighting, acoustics and 3D displays.

Every item that comes out of a Barrisol workshop is unique, very much like the world of high fashion, which was enough to attract the interest of French stylist, Chantal Thomass.

This singular partnership has resulted in over 90 different motifs and variants with a range of oversized luminaries where Thomass mixes her ideas, brought to life by the latest LED lighting technology from Osram, partner of Barrisol.

Contact us for more information on Barrisol collaborations or call Barrisol Welch on 0800 124 4143 to discuss how we can help you with your next design project.

Watch: Barrisol illuminated 3D collaboration

Introducing Barrisol Clim

Barrisol Clim

Barrisol Clim Ceiling

Barrisol Welch adds Barrisol Clim to its expanding portfolio

Barrisol Welch is pleased to announce the latest addition to its expanding portfolio of Barrisol UK installations.

  • Barrisol Clim is the latest innovation from Barrisol
  • Barrisol Welch now offer Barrisol Clim installations in the UK
  • Invisible, homogeneous and silent air conditioning

Barrisol UK

As the UK’s number 1 Barrisol Stretch Ceiling experts, Barrisol Welch are leading the way when it comes to the latest innovations in stretch ceiling technology.

Barrisol Clim is the latest innovation from the Barrisol Universe which allows designers and architects to blend aesthetically pleasing lighting with perfectly balanced acoustics and the ability to also control room temperature.

The system can be combined with any of our stretch finishes and using between 5-10% less energy than a standard air conditioning system, it’s also environmentally friendly.

Discover more about the technical and practical benefits of Barrisol’s clean air system or take a look at some of the latest domestic and commercial installations below.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of using Barrisol Clim as part of your next interior design project, call the team today on 0800 124 4143 or get in touch and we’ll call you back.

Gallery of Barrisol Clim

Barrisol Arcolis Launched

Barrisol Arcolis


Barrisol Arcolis launched in the UK

Barrisol have launched the new Barrisol Arcolis range which consists of a wide range of acoustic panels and baffles.

  • Barrisol Arcolis launched
  • Acoustic correction for public or private spaces
  • Barrisol Welch offer Barrisol Arcolis installations in the UK
  • Available in 50 different colour options and designed to blend with any decor

Arcolis Acoustic Frames

Barrisol Arcolis acoustic frames can be suspended, fixed or installed as dividing walls to fit into any space required.

The Arcolis frames are made up of an aluminium structure which can hold acoustic insulation inside with the Barrisol Artolis fabric on the outer face. The fabric wraps around the whole panel clipping into the aluminium frame.

There are 19 different acoustic models to choose from, in 50 different colour options. Combinations include:

  • One sided frames –  to suspend, screw or clip on
  • Double sided frames – to suspend or fix
  • Double sided frames – to be placed on desk or floor
  • Round frames – to suspend, screw or clip on
  • Made to measure frames – to suspend, screw, clip on or place

If you would like to discuss the benefits of using Barrisol Arcolis, call the team today on 0800 124 4143 or get in touch and we’ll call you back.

Gallery of Barrisol Arcolis

Acoustic Light By Barrisol

Acoustic Lighting SolutionsBarrisol Acoustic Lighting Installation

Barrisol have brought together the Barrisol acoustics range with the Barrisol translucent range to make Barrisol acoustic lighting.

The translucent range can be perforated with any of the acoustic range going from the A15 to A40. LED lighting can then be installed behind the panels to create an even light surface.

Unlike anyone else Barrisol Welch offer the whole package from the Barrisol to the LED lighting, supplied and installed by our dedicated engineers.

How Acoustic Lighting Works

There are two layers to the acoustic lighting system which allows it to have a good acoustic rating whilst also giving a even light output.

The bottom layer is perforated to one of the four perforations (A15, A20, A30, A40) and the top layer is left normal without any perforations. For the two layers we have found out that Blanc Venus 04011 for the bottom layer and Polaris 04080 for the top layer works the best but you can also have two lots of Blanc Venus.

You can use any of the Barrisol translucent materials in acoustic lighting but this is what we would recommend for the best light transmission.

Barrisol Acoustic Light

No insulation Acoustic lighting Insulation acoustic lighting

As you can see above you can have insulation behind the material if needs be as well. If you go for the option with insulation then the LED lighting can only go around the perimeter of panels but if you don’t have any then you can have lighting across the whole panel.

Please see the table below showing the difference between insulation behind Nanoperf Barrisol panels compared to no insulation.

Nanoperf Acoustic Barrisol Sheets

Acoustic table

If you need anymore details on acoustic lighting please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 124 4143.

Barrisol Retail Lighting Design

Lighting Design


With over 40 years of experience in retail lighting design, the Barrisol Welch process takes all the illumination requirements of retail-specific stores into consideration.

Competition on high street is as competitive as ever with retailers vying for attention. By installing a Barrisol stretch system with our professional design skills, your shop window can really stand out from the crowd and entice customers to enter your store.

Store Front & Entrance

Be bold and creative with your store design. The moment your customers step into store they are at a crucial decision point as to whether they want to stay and look around or leave. This is why the design of your store front and entrance is so important.

The Barrisol Welch design team understand that your store entrance is a snapshot to your brand. With the correct use of eye-catching Barrisol visuals should entice shoppers into your store and make them feel at ease with their surroundings.

Customers should be able to clearly identify areas of the store to visit and understand the layout of the store.

Barrisol Welch Jamaica Patty Co Illuminated Ceiling

Store Retails Areas

In order to increase footfall, the shop floor needs to be clearly and attractively lit whilst drawing customers to specific areas.

The size and layout of the store must also be considered. Strategic positioning of Barrisol luminaries helps maximise the impact on the shop floor. For example using Artolis vertical lighting on walls makes your store look and feel more spacious, or narrower strips of light using Barrisol translucent’s create an intimate and dramatic experience for customers and staff alike.

BW Studio B Kensington High Street

Retail Lighting Displays

A successful retail schemes follows theatrical principles in an attempt to keep their audience coming back for more. The eye tends to follow light, so the use of Barrisol and Artolis as valuable tools in drawing the customer’s attention.

Shelving and displays can be lit in a number of ways by Barrisol’s lighting products – it may be LED ceiling lighting or a funky display area, with a mix of LED colour temperatures.

Gallery of Barrisol Retail Lighting Installations

Contact us for more information or call 0800 124 4143 to discuss how we can help you to devise and shape impressive shopping environments.