Barrisol Safety PerformanceBarrisol Welch Fire Safety

With over 40 years of development, Barrisol materials are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Using Barrisol you can be sure that fire safety is a primary concern when you are selecting and deploying your chosen stretch materials. Barrisol materials have the highest fire safety ratings for stretch PVC fabrics.

The Barrisol range conforms to the European and International Norm standards (BS1-D0, BS2-D0, BS3-D0) for public and residential applications, along with IMO certification for the Marine market.

Fire test table 2

Smoke Clearance Systems

In addition to the high fire safety performance of the stretch materials, Barrisol also provides a range of smoke clearance systems.

Using large aperture perforations (10mm holes), the stretch fabric is used to create aesthetically considered ceiling finishes which feature air circulation through the layer and into the ceiling void where the appropriate extraction equipment is installed.

Barrisol also offers uniquely engineered track and rail solutions that can house extraction and fire suppressant accessories such as sprinklers, sensors, extractors and other fire safety equipment.

Barrisol fire classification certificates:

Please note the Barrisol test results, in accordance with the International Code for Application of Fire Tests Procedures, are available in its entirety upon request.

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