Reflective Visuals Without Compromise

Barrisol Stretch Mirror Ceiling Feature

Barrisol Stretch Mirror ceiling panels merge the flexibility of a Barrisol stretch sheet with the reflective capabilities of a true mirror. Forget about the interior design restraints of mirrored surfaces and create a reflective ceiling design without compromise.

The exceptional mirror-like reflection of the Barrisol Stretch Mirror has many advantages over traditional mirror finishes. Available in either silver or gold, the stretch mirror ceiling panels are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike traditional glass mirrors, Barrisol Stretch Mirror will not break or shatter making it extremely safe for use in public areas.

Designed to be mounted onto self-supporting frames and manufactured from a lightweight and highly reflective metallised polymer film, Barrisol Stretch Mirror is the ideal choice for complex displays and suspended installations. Unlike the standard Barrisol stretch sheeting, the mirror-like material is not installed using heat. Instead, it is wrapped around custom-built frames and held in place with aluminium strips.

As with all Barrisol stretch systems, the stretch mirror benefits from rapid installation times and can be easily removed and reinstalled for portable applications.

Watch: Hyde Park Barrisol Stretch Mirror Installation

Stretch Mirror Applications

The revolutionary technology behind Barrisol Stretch Mirrors can be used for an infinite number of applications. From theatrical set designs to retail displays, exhibitions, dance studios, casinos, and bathrooms, you can create striking mirrored features whilst also amplifying your interior lighting.

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Gallery of Barrisol Stretch Mirror Installations