Barrisol Artolis Acoustic

Barrisol Artolis Resaurant Installation

Artolis Acoustic is an ideal acoustic solution for large public spaces such as music venues, restaurants and airports, but it is also an extremely popular choice for commercial office spaces and private residences too.

Artolis Acoustic Finishes

Barrisol’s Artolis acoustic finishes are installed in the same way as the standard Barrisol Artolis with the PVC perimeter tracks.

Acoustic finishes:

  • Acoustic FC Blanc
  • Acoustic FC Noir
  • Acoustic Optima

It can also be printed with your own image or any image from one of Barrisol’s catalogues.

Acoustic Perfomance

The coated acoustic membranes performance provides excellent results with very low thickness, plain or printed.

Download the acoustic Artolis technical specifications here

Acoustic Features

Thickness Glass Wool Sound Absorption Rank AW
45mm A: Highly Absorbent aw = 0.85
20mm D: Low aw = 0.50
N/A D:Low aw = 0.40

Artolis Acoustic Profiles

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