Artolis Printed MuralsBarrisol Artolis Printed Mural Hotel Lobby Installation

The unique woven finish of an Artolis fabric system offers high durability in areas where walls are likely to be scratched or brushed against.

Fast and easy to install, with no mess and no fuss, Barrisol Artolis installations use the specially designed Artolis track system which leaves a clean and professional finish, every time.

Whether you want to create a company logo, a family portrait, or feature your favourite piece of artwork, using state-of-the-art HD printing technologies, an Artolis sheet can have almost any image printed onto it.

Key features of Barrisol Artolis:

  • Supplied in 3m or 5m widths
  • Up to 50m in length
  • Minimum image quality 360 DPI
  • High definition print 720 DPI(HD)
  • Very high definition print 1440 DPI(THD)
  • Certified FORGA ISO 12647

Artolis Editions

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, Barrisol Editions is a collection of images, hand picked by Barrisol, including prestigious works of art from le Musée de L’impression sur Etoffes (Museum of Printed Textiles) and national museums such as le Louvre, Orsay and Versailles.

Visit our brochures page to download and view some of the available Barrisol Editions artwork.

Artolis Lumière

Why not combine a Barrisol Artolis with an Artolis Lumière sheet to create a stunning illuminated image for your wall or ceiling?

Backlit using LED lighting, the light is perfectly diffused through the Artolis to create beautifully mounted light boxes and features.

Artolis Acoustic

Artolis features superb acoustic properties which absorb background noise, making it a popular choice for commercial installations in bars and restaurants.

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Gallery of Barrisol Artolis Printed Mural Installations