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Barrisol Colours

Using only 100% recyclable materials, the Barrisol Stretch Ceiling is available in over 230 colours and 15 different finishes.

Specialist finishes include Barrisol Print, Barrisol Artolis, Barrisol Editions, Barrisol Acoustic, illuminated print and stretch mirror.

Click on the tabs below to view Barrisol’s colours & finishes:

Reflective Gloss - Les Reflets Laques (click to see more)

Satin Finish - Les Reves Satines (click to see more)

Satin Finish - Les Inspirations Satinees (click to see more)

Matt Finish - Les Mats Tradition (click to see more)

Translucent - Les Translucides (click to see more)

Metallic Finish - Les Metal (click to see more)

Mirror Finish (click to see more)

Recycled - Les Recycles (click to see more)

Flock Finish - Les Daims Ambiance (click to see more)

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Gallery of Barrisol Finishes