Frequently Asked QuestionsBarrisol Welch FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Barrisol products and installations. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below, please get in touch or call us on 0800 124 4143.

Q. How much does Barrisol cost?

The price of a stretch ceiling is calculated as a bespoke figure for each project.

Due to many projects having different structures, shapes and environments, we are unable to confirm a price until we have all of the necessary measurements and drawings. Once we have these details our team will work as quickly as possible to get a quotation over to you.

We provide site surveys and a rapid quotation service to aid our customers in their project delivery.

Q. What are the maximum/minimum sizes of one stretch ceiling panel?

There is no minimum size for a Barrisol stretch sheet but the maximum size for one sheet is 50 sqm.

In most of the finishes if the sheet is wider than 1.64m then it will require a weld line. There are a few finishes that can go up to 2.6m before they need a weld line.

If you need to find out the exact width of a certain finish before it needs a weld line please contact us so we can discuss your unique requirements.

Q. How long does Barrisol take to install?

Barrisol installation times depend on the size and intricacy of the project.

A 50 square metre rectangle ceiling would normally take around one day to install. Our installation at the The Natural History Museum included 300 sqm of Barrisol stretch material and took only 2 days to install.

Q. Are Barrisol fabric samples available?

We provide a Barrisol samples and prototype service.

Please look through our colours and finishes page and let us know which finishes you require. Our samples are A5 or A4 depending on the finish requested. We provide a few samples at a time so please select your chosen colours and finishes carefully.

Please be aware we have to order in these samples and they can take up to 7-10 days to arrive.

Q. What finishes are available?

There are over 16 different finishes with over 300 different colours to choose from.

Q. What’s the most cost effective finish?

The most cost effective finish is the Barrisol matt range.

Q. What needs to be in place for us to install a stretch ceiling?

We fix our track to a finished perimeter structure.

For light box installations we normally request that the main contractor installs a plasterboard sub structure with a 9mm plywood behind it. If it is an extruded light box that can’t be fitted with plasterboard then a thick MDF structure will suffice.

Q. How do you install a Barrisol track system?

There are many different tracks used to install the Barrisol ceilings, please refer to the track system page.

The most popular tracks used are the BS350/01 and BS350/11 for the perimeter of the ceilings and the BS350/16 to adjoin two separate panels. There is a wide range of track profiles available to accommodate any complex shape.

Q. What is the fire rating?

For most of the Barrisol finishes the fire rating is BS1-D0 which is a class 0 fire rating and some are BS2-D0 which is class 1 fire rating.

Find out more on our fire safety page.

Q. What is the warranty on the Barrisol material?

Barrisol product’s are supplied with a 10 year manufacturers warranty for manufacturing defects to membrane, harpoon and weld lines.

Q. Can you clean the Barrisol material?

Yes we can clean Barrisol with the suitable ‘Barriclean’ product to ensure product warranties still apply.

The recommended cleaning schedule is once every 12-24 months. The area has to be cleaned lightly with a clean micro-fibre cloth. Any foreign objects, contaminants, stains or dirt should be cleaned off the membrane immediately. Items not cleaned immediately may damage the material.

Find out more on our cleaning and maintenance service page.

Q. What is the minimum depth required for a backlit Barrisol ceiling?

The minimum depth above a translucent panel is 80mm to enable us to fix the LED strip to the lid of the box at 60mm spacing’s. If the LED was any closer than 80mm, striping would be visible on the sheet.

We recommend a depth of 250mm as this is more cost effective and efficient to run.

Q. Can Barrisol be installed outside?

As long as it is under a suitable and durable canopy Barrisol can be installed outside but without any warranty. If you would like to install a material that does have warranty outside then we recommend using Barrisol Trempo.

Q. Can you have spotlights/sprinklers protruding through the material?

Yes you can spotlights and sprinklers protruding through the material.

A reinforcing ring is fitted onto the Barrisol material to enable the lighting or sprinklers to be installed. Alternatively to avoid ruining the aesthetics of the ceiling the sprinklers and lights can be affixed into a specially designed separator track.

Please view the track systems page to see examples of these specific separator tracks.