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Acoustic Lighting SolutionsBarrisol Acoustic Lighting Installation

Barrisol have brought together the Barrisol acoustics range with the Barrisol translucent range to make Barrisol acoustic lighting.

The translucent range can be perforated with any of the acoustic range going from the A15 to A40. LED lighting can then be installed behind the panels to create an even light surface.

Unlike anyone else Barrisol Welch offer the whole package from the Barrisol to the LED lighting, supplied and installed by our dedicated engineers.

How Acoustic Lighting Works

There are two layers to the acoustic lighting system which allows it to have a good acoustic rating whilst also giving a even light output.

The bottom layer is perforated to one of the four perforations (A15, A20, A30, A40) and the top layer is left normal without any perforations. For the two layers we have found out that Blanc Venus 04011 for the bottom layer and Polaris 04080 for the top layer works the best but you can also have two lots of Blanc Venus.

You can use any of the Barrisol translucent materials in acoustic lighting but this is what we would recommend for the best light transmission.

Barrisol Acoustic Light

No insulation Acoustic lighting Insulation acoustic lighting

As you can see above you can have insulation behind the material if needs be as well. If you go for the option with insulation then the LED lighting can only go around the perimeter of panels but if you don’t have any then you can have lighting across the whole panel.

Please see the table below showing the difference between insulation behind Nanoperf Barrisol panels compared to no insulation.

Nanoperf Acoustic Barrisol Sheets

Acoustic table

If you need anymore details on acoustic lighting please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 124 4143.

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