Barrisol Mini Star

Barrisol Mini Star Profile System

The Barrisol Mini Star system offers a neat perimeter with delicate joining detail for Barrisol stretch ceiling installations.

Featuring a smaller harpoon than the Barrisol Star system, the mini option produces a near invisible join against a vertical surface.

Barrisol Mini Star Tracks

Barrisol Mini Star uses BMS340/01 and BMS340/11 for the perimeter tracks and BS350/23 and BS350/21 for the joining tracks. Suspended frames are also possible using the BMS345/55 track.

Barrisol Mini Star Track Profiles

Reference Description Profile
Ref: BMS340/01 The Barrisol BMS340/01 track profile uses a smaller star harpoon system to create an almost invisible joint against a vertical service.

Track Profile BMS340/01

Ref: BS350/21

The Barrisol BS350/21 track can fit into small partitions or ridges within the ceiling. Barrisol sheeting is then stretched into the frame with only 6mm of separation.

Track Profile BS350/21
Ref: BS350/23

The Barrisol BS350/23 track separates two pieces of stretch material whilst fixing flush to the ceiling.

Track Profile BS350/23

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