Barrisol Star Track

Barrisol Stretch 3D Curved Structure

The Barrisol Star system uses 4 key tracks, depending on the application.

The most common Barrisol Star tracks are BS350/01 and BS350/11 which can be used for both ceiling and wall installations. The most common separator track is BS350/16 which is used to create seamless joins between the Barrisol Stretch Ceilings. The most common suspended frame track is BS355/15.

All of these tracks are securely fixed to a recess or bulkhead with 9mm plywood.

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Barrisol Star Track Profiles

Reference Description Profile
Ref: BS350/01

The Barrisol BS350/01 is one of the most popular track profile choices. Made of extruded aluminium it can be fixed around the perimeter of the room or formed into any shape for 3D projects.

Track Profile BS350/01
Ref: BS350/02

The Barrisol BS350/02 is used as a separator joint when using a number of large sheets or a change in material.

Ref: BS350/03

The Barrisol BS350/03 profile is used for joining Barrisol Stretch Sheets on vertical surfaces.

Track Profile BS350/03
Ref: BS350/04

The Barrisol BS350/04

Track Profile BS350/04
Ref: BS350/05

The Barrisol BS350/05

Track Profile BS350/05
Ref: BS350/06

The Barrisol BS350/06 is used for neatly finishing a visible edge on a Barrisol Stretch Ceiling.

Ref: BS350/10

The Barrisol BS350/10

Track Profile BS350/10
Ref: BS350/11

The Barrisol BS350/11 track is made of extruded aluminium and can be fixed directly to the ceiling or formed into any shape for 3D projects.

Track Profile BS350/11
Ref: BS350/15

The Barrisol BS350/15 is used when transitioning between two surfaces, joining at a 90 degree angle (wall to ceiling)

Track Profile BS350/15
Ref: BS350/16

The Barrisol BS350/16 track enables two pieces of material to be brought together with only a small gap in between.

Track Profile BS350/16
Ref: BS350/18

The Barrisol BS350/18 can be used for joining sheets and features such as lights and sprinklers etc.

Track Profile BS350/18
Ref: BS350/19

The Barrisol BS350/19 profile allows for sprinklers and partitions to be put in between each piece of material.

Track Profile BS350/19
Ref: BS350/20

The Barrisol BS350/20 profile lets you bring two peices of material right next to each other with no gap showing. Even though this is very tidy the frame has to be put up in two separate parts and then aligned so each piece meets perfectly.

Track Profile BS350/20
Ref: BS350/21

The Barrisol BS350/21 profile can fit to little partitions or ridges in the ceiling. You can then stretch two pieces of material into the frame each side with only a 6mm separation.

Track Profile BS350/21
Ref: BS350/22

The Barrisol BS350/22 profile allows for two sheets to be fitted which stops debris getting on the lower sheet. It also allows you to balance a separate part of the ceiling onto the ledge at the side of frame which will hold it up.

Track Profile BS350/22
Ref: BS350/23

The Barrisol BS350/23 profile separates two pieces of material but attaches flush on to the top of the ceiling.

Track Profile BS350/23
Ref: BS350/61

Ref: BS350/62

The Barrisol BS350/61 and BS350/62 profiles are for curved edges. Cuts in the frame to allow for them to be bent around an object or a corner and the Barrisol material is securely fitted to the framework.

Ref: BS350/165

The Barrisol BS350/165 profile creates a curve for the Barrisol material to fit around in a neat and professional way.

Ref: BS355/02

The Barrisol BS355/02 profile is for modular frames that need to be suspended from ceilings.

Track Profile BS355/02
Ref: BS355/04

The Barrisol BS355/04 profile is for a modular frame which can fit flush to the ceiling. The material goes into the bottom of the frame but arches in at an angle from the sides.

Track Profile BS355/04
Ref: BS355/05

The Barrisol BS355/05 profile slots into another piece of framework which is attached to the ceiling. The framework would come in two half’s and the material would have to be slotted in place before the the profile is fitted into framework actually attached to the ceiling. This allows for a small separation between the two pieces.

Track Profile BS355/05
Ref: BS355/06

The Barrisol BS355/06 profile can be suspended from the ceiling with the material fitting around the edge underneath the frame.

Track Profile BS355/06
Ref: BS355/08

The Barrisol BS355/08 rofile is a double sheet modular frame which helps keep the bottom sheet clean from debris.

Track Profile BS355/08
Ref: BS355/10

The Barrisol BS355/10 is used for wall fixing a double sheet illuminated ceiling.

Track Profile BS350/01
Ref: BS355/15

The Barrisol BS355/15 track is used for translucent ceilings with backlighting. This profile incorporates two sheets to protect from falling debris.

Track Profile BS355/15
Ref: BS355/17

The Barrisol BS355/17 profile is used for free hanging frames.

Track Profile BS355/17
Ref: BS355/18

The Barrisol BS355/18 profile runs along with the BS355/17 which would hang from the frame, from the ceiling.

Track Profile BS355/18
Ref: BS355/25

The Barrisol BS355/25 profile can be fixed to the wall and is used for double skins to stop debris getting on to the lower sheet. It also comes of the wall a bit further than the others to leave a wider gap.

Track Profile BS355/25
Ref: BS355/35

The Barrisol BS355/35 profile is used for translucent ceilings with back lighting. This profile holds two ceiling sheets where there top sheet stops debris falling on the lower illuminated sheet.

The difference between the BS355/35 and the BS355/14 and BS355/15 is that ithas a side fixing allowing for easy removal with access to the fixings from below.

Ref: BS355/45

The Barrisol BS355/45 profile is used as a frame for double sheeting. The material wraps arround the outsideof the frame and secures into the ledge on the top.

Ref: BS355/55

The Barrisol BS355/55 profile is used for frames which can be hung from the ceiling with the material going around the outside and slotting into the ledge just before the top of the frame.

Track Profile BS350/01
Ref: BS355/163

The Barrisol BS355/163 profile is used for dual sheet installation with additional bracing in the walls for larger areas. This profile can be used for both suspended and ceiling fixed light boxes.

Track Profile BS355/163
Ref: BS365/20

The Barrisol BS355/20 is a tubular frame allowing the Barrisol fabric to be wrapped around the curved edge creating a smooth profile for Barrisol structures.

Track Profile BS365/20
Ref: BS365/30

The Barrisol BS355/30 profile allows multiple sheets to be installed from one point.

Track Profile BS365/30