Barrisol Printed CeilingsBarrisol Matt Printed Ceiling

Barrisol printed ceilings offer an intriguing combination of elegance, aesthetics and functionality.

With a bespoke printed stretch ceiling you can print photographs, artwork, logos or any one of Barrisol’s many stock images, directly on to the Barrisol stretch material.

Barrisol Illuminated Print

You can combine your stretched ceiling with Barrisol LED lighting to create a feature which is not only unique, but also brings light to an area.

Enhanced by backlighting, the printed images on your Barrisol will created an immediate impact in any style of room.

Using our intelligent LED lighting controls, we can change the colour of your lights to tailor the tone of your printed ceiling, creating the perfect ambiance for your space.

Barrisol Layers

The Barrisol Layers concept can bring a completely new dimension to any room.

By combining various translucent sheets and layering them on top of each other, you can create many different effects including layered cityscapes, trees, skylines and general patterns.

The Barrisol sheets are spaced at pre-determined depths to create the perfect visual and fixed into place with the standard BS 350/01 Barrisol Star Track.

Acoustic Printed Ceilings

Barrisol Printed Ceilings can also incorporate all the benefits of Barrisol’s Acoustic Technology.

Acoustic printed ceilings are a popular choice in large spaces such a swimming pools and restaurants, where the acoustic sheets are able to absorb excess sound energy to promote improved acoustic comfort.

We can combine one of the 4 uniquely perforated Barrisol Acoustic Systems on any standard Barrisol finish with HD printing of your chosen image.

For more information on Barrisol printed ceilings, contact us or call the team on 0800 124 4143.

Gallery of Barrisol Printed Ceiling Installations