Unique 3D Structures

Barrisol 3D Structures

The special characteristics of Barrisol aluminium profiles combined with the broad range of Barrisol stretch sheets make the realisation of the most extravagant 3D displays possible.

We can create architectural forms of any shape including, but certainly not limited to, rings, waves, cones, paved, cubic, pyramids, vaults, arches, full clothes-hangers, warheads, corbellings and ogives.

Barrisol 3D displays:

3D Applications

Barrisol 3D structures and 3D lighting profiles can be used for any installation, bringing a whole new dimension to your display space.

A popular choice for quirky retail and exhibition displays, Barrisol 3D structures are also regularly installed in commercial offices, hotel, leisure and marine applications.

Barrisol 3D lighting profiles can be adapted to suit any applications from bathrooms to lifts, full ceiling installations to bespoke pieces of wall art.

Take a look at some of our impressive projects or get in touch today to discuss your design.

Gallery of Barrisol 3D Installations