Intuitive Light Management

Barrisol Welch Virgin Media Lighting Control System

Barrisol Welch lighting control allows for intuitive light management with practically limitless possibilities for media ceilings.

By incorporating smart LED lighting with your Barrisol stretch system you can take full control of your Barrisol creation. With dedicated and easy to use, end-user controls, you can alter light intensity levels and colours, automate lighting sequences, sync to music and introduce projected media content.

Our systems can be fully integrated into existing controls including DALI, DSi, DMX, ArtNet, 0-10c or Triac electronic inputs.

Gallery of Barrisol Media Ceiling Installations

Media And Lighting Installations

We’ve completed some rather unique lighting and media solutions over the years including work for Virgin Media, Honda and CodeMasters.

Every media project is unique but the brief is usually the same; to create high impact lighting schemes with a ‘wow factor’.

Utilising ArtNet (DMX) interfaces, we can create tailored lighting solutions to cover your ceiling or project area. Driven by a media PC, we use the latest lighting software to create vibrant abstract video imagery with controls for each individual LED emitter.

The ArtNet distribution is achieved through installing a proprietary local network which is dedicated to the media PC and ArtNet interfaces.

Get in touch or call the Barrisol Welch team today on 0800 124 4143 to discuss you bespoke lighting and media requirements.

Watch: Pre-installation LED Light Programming and Testing