Acoustic Luminous Climatisation

Barrisol Clim Acoustic Light Ceiling

Barrisol Clim is a unique innovation that enables designers and architects to manage perfectly balanced acoustics and aesthetically pleasing lighting, with the flexibility of also heating and cooling a room.

Using between 5-10% less energy than a standard air conditioning system, Barrisol Clim provides an environmentally friendly alternative which meets AA cold and AAA hot performance standards, according to ISO 7730.

Barrisol Clim options:

With minimum maintenance required it Barrisol Clim can be combined with any of the Barrisol stretch finishes.

An Innovative Design

With no noise and no air disturbance, Barrisol Clim works to transfer conditioned air gently around a room so that you can feel a notable change in temperature within minutes.

Its patented design works to radiate heat or cool a room by blowing (a) or sucking (b) air between the plenum space and the rest of the room. The solid version (c) of the unit allows you to  prevent air from passing through certain walls.

Barrisol Clim Acoustic Luminous Climatisation

Barrisol Clim handles all technical functions in one enhanced unit:

Clean Healthy Air

Conditioning your air through the ceiling, Barrisol Clim provides an unparalleled comfort when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

A natural and even flow of air develops throughout the space inside the room, circulating a pleasant heat or coolness at speeds so low they are barely perceptible.

How Barrisol Clim works:

  1. Ambient air is taken in along the inner walls of the room, then channelled through a separating wall (a), supported by the special Barrisol Clim unit.
  2. The air enters the air conditioning unit, where it is filtered and heated or cooled before being released into the space between the upper panel and the top of the Barrisol Clim.
  3. A ventilation chamber can be connected to the system to inject new clean air into the space.
  4. The conditioned air blends effectively with the new air and is distributed throughout the volume of the peplum.
  5. The Barrisol Clim ceiling becomes one huge diffuser, radiating heat or cool air across the entire surface.
  6. The conditioned air flows slowly over the outer walls.
Barrisol Clim How It Works

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