Barrisol Residential InstallationsBarrisol Printed BathroomWall

Barrisol is so versatile, it can be installed in any room within your home. If you’re looking for something a little different, want to brighten your interiors or improve your acoustics, we can help.

Barrisol print offers a no-fuss alternative to traditional wallpapering. Creating considerably less mess and offering higher durability, a Barrisol print installation can bring a seriously unique personality to your interiors.

Stretch Ceilings For The Home

Our creative lighting options have been installed everywhere – from kitchens and swimming pools to cinema rooms and hallways, there is no limit to where Barrisol lighting will fit within your home.

Want to make an impact? Created vaulted ceilings with Barrisol Star track profiles, make rooms look bigger with Barrisol Stretch Mirror or wow the neighbours with a suspended 3D lighting features.

Features and benefits of Barrisol Welch domestic installations

  • Rapid, no-fuss installation
  • Highly durable materials
  • Improve interior lighting and acoustics
  • Create bright open spaces
  • Minimal maintenance for hard to reach places
  • Add a unique personality to your home

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Gallery of Barrisol Residential Installations