Barrisol Editions Collaboration With Chantal Thomass

Barrisol Editions

Barrisol Chantal Thomass Butterfly

Barrisol Collaborates With Chantal Thomass

  • Barrisol collaborates with French stylist Chantal Thomass
  • The project incorporates Barrisol’s 3D capabilities
  • New Barrisol Editions brochure now available

Barrisol Editions With Chantal Thomass

Barrisol is the world leading manufacturer of stretch ceilings and has extended its universe to incorporate lighting, acoustics and 3D displays.

Every item that comes out of a Barrisol workshop is unique, very much like the world of high fashion, which was enough to attract the interest of French stylist, Chantal Thomass.

This singular partnership has resulted in over 90 different motifs and variants with a range of oversized luminaries where Thomass mixes her ideas, brought to life by the latest LED lighting technology from Osram, partner of Barrisol.

Contact us for more information on Barrisol collaborations or call Barrisol Welch on 0800 124 4143 to discuss how we can help you with your next design project.

Watch: Barrisol illuminated 3D collaboration

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