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The Barrisol line of stretch fabrics covers a vast amount of finishes, colours, textures and applications. With over 230 colours and shades available and the addition of Barrisol print, you can create a finish to suit any project.

We understand that with such a wide variety of options available, our customers need to experience the stretch materials in order to truly appreciate the quality and visualise how their final Barrisol could look.

That’s why we offer a Barrisol samples and prototype service.

Request a Barrisol Sample

Barrisol’s Universe of products provides a complete range of stretch systems for architects, decorators, interior designers and end users that can be applied to any application.

If you’re unsure which Barrisol system is best suited to your project needs, our in-house design specialists can walk you through the different options available and provide expert advice on the suitability of each system.

We can provide samples of Barrisol stretch fabrics and for larger projects even build prototypes like in the video below. We also use Relux lighting and 3D modelling software to help validate your designs and improve project efficiencies.

Contact us or call 0800 124 4143 to discuss your project requirements and request your Barrisol samples today.

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