Acoustic Ceiling System

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Barrisol acoustic ceilings offer 4 uniquely perforated stretch systems, in over 200 colours and 8 different finishes. The degree of absorption offered by each option is regulated with high levels of precision, according to the specific needs of the installation.

Acoustic Stretch Systems

  1. Miniperf – Thanks to Miniperf resonances are immediately absorbed giving even the highest ceilings and particularly pleasant acoustic sound.
  2. Microacoustic – With a Microacoustic Stretch Ceiling, the amount of absorption can be changed to help precision and the specific needs for each part. This can be done by selecting the right distance between the sheet and the wall. The micro-perforations are almost invisible allowing for sound and aesthetic comfort.
  3. Acoperf – Acoperf can be used to 100mm, 200mm or as associated with a standard insulator/acoustic insulator.
  4. Nanoperf – The Nanoperf material is ideal for improving sound comfort levels in crowded places. The ideal combination of aesthetics and effectiveness.

Barrisol Acoustic Ceiling System Features

Acoustic SystemsMiniperfMicroacousticAcoperfNanoperf
HOLE DIAMETER0.5mm0.2mm0.15mm0.1mm
REFERENCEA40 + Ref. ColourA30 + Ref. ColourA20 + Ref. ColourA15 + Ref. Colour

The micro-perforated sheets convey outstanding audible results, and with the micro-perforations being almost invisible, you can expect the same high-quality finish as every other Barrisol Stretch Ceiling system.

For advanced results, Barrisol sheets can be used in association with an acoustic absorbent to reduce the intensity of the sound waves even further.

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