The Ecological Stretch CeilingBarrisol Ecological Stretch Ceilings

As the world leader in stretch materials, Barrisol is committed to sustainable product development. From supply chain through to the end of life disposal, Barrisol materials are developed to minimise the ecological impact for any installation.

With this in mind, the company developed Barrisol Recycled, a stretch sheeting which is not only made from recycled Barrisol materials but is also 100% recyclable.

Ensuring the entire product lifecycle has ecological factors considered at every stage, Barrisol uses up to 20 times less packaging materials and resources than other conventional ceiling and wall finishes. All packaging materials are 100% recyclable and reduced packaging volumes reduce transportation costs and carbon footprint.

100% Recyclable Materials

The Barrisol material is produced without the use of water and without any emissions of CFC or HCFC gases. Sheets are guaranteed to be produced with plasticizers that do not contain phthalates and the material does not contain cadmium, arsenic or mercury. This means the Barrisol materials are also 100%  recyclable.

The supporting track and rail products are also produced from 100% recyclable aluminium and PVC materials. Using this range affords designers the ability to use stretched products as part sustainable construction projects.

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For more information please download the Barrisol Ecology brochure. Alternatively get in touch or call us on 0800 124 4143 to speak to one of our stretch ceiling specialists.