Barrisol Light Boxes

BW Studio B London Lightboxes

Barrisol light boxes offer a unique and imaginative suspended lighting feature. Create beautiful and dramatic ceilings with sharp clean light that can be tailored to suit any size or shaped interior.

Light Box Installations

We build and deliver your made to measure light boxes ready for installation.

Fabricated using Barrisol Mini Star BMS 345/55 aluminium track, the Barrisol translucent sheet is clipped into the track with the Mini Star harpoon technology. The LED lights fit behind the Barrisol at equal distances to ensure an even and shadow free light distribution.

Barrisol light boxes are supported with suspension wires or threaded rods depending on the structure they are being fitted to. The light box can be painted to match any specific RAL colour to suit your needs.

Watch: John Martin Gallery Light Box Installation

Read the full John Martin Gallery case study.

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