Barrisol Wall SystemBarrisol Artolis Wall Installations

A Barrisol wall system employs the same innovative technology of a Barrisol Stretch Ceiling that has been perfected for vertical use.

At Barrisol Welch, we install wall systems using both the Artolis fabric system (recommended) and traditional Barrisol stretch systems including illuminated walls and Barrisol layers.

Barrisol Stretch Fabrics

In addition to ceilings, Barrisol stretch fabrics can also be used for Barrisol wall systems.

Due to its high durability Barrisol Artolis is our recommended material for wall systems in areas with high levels of exposure. However, Barrisol’s classic stretch material is also highly adaptable for wall applications and can also be printed, and backlit, with improved acoustic properties.

Barrisol walls use the same aluminium perimeter track as with Barrisol Stretch Ceilings. The most common classic tracks are BS350/01 and BS350/11 and are fitted to a plasterboard recess with 9mm plywood for backlit walls or a timber structure for opaque walls.

Watch: Barrisol Artolis Wall Installation

Barrisol Artolis

Barrisol Artolis is a highly durable, woven material that comes in a range of finishes including translucent, opaque and acoustic.

The Artolis system has a special range of profile tracks for differing applications. The material does feature a harpoon like the classic Barrisol materials. Instead Barrisol Artolis is rolled into the PVC track using highly specialist tools.

Barrisol Artolis can be printed with any image including Barrisol’s own handpicked catalogue, Barrisol Editions. The range of finishes means you can choose to have your walls backlit to add extra light or an acoustic wall with insulation for improved sound quality.

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