Barrisol Arcolis Launched

Barrisol Arcolis


Barrisol Arcolis launched in the UK

Barrisol have launched the new Barrisol Arcolis range which consists of a wide range of acoustic panels and baffles.

  • Barrisol Arcolis launched
  • Acoustic correction for public or private spaces
  • Barrisol Welch offer Barrisol Arcolis installations in the UK
  • Available in 50 different colour options and designed to blend with any decor

Arcolis Acoustic Frames

Barrisol Arcolis acoustic frames can be suspended, fixed or installed as dividing walls to fit into any space required.

The Arcolis frames are made up of an aluminium structure which can hold acoustic insulation inside with the Barrisol Artolis fabric on the outer face. The fabric wraps around the whole panel clipping into the aluminium frame.

There are 19 different acoustic models to choose from, in 50 different colour options. Combinations include:

  • One sided frames –  to suspend, screw or clip on
  • Double sided frames – to suspend or fix
  • Double sided frames – to be placed on desk or floor
  • Round frames – to suspend, screw or clip on
  • Made to measure frames – to suspend, screw, clip on or place

If you would like to discuss the benefits of using Barrisol Arcolis, call the team today on 0800 124 4143 or get in touch and we’ll call you back.

Gallery of Barrisol Arcolis

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