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Barrisol Unique 3D Structures

Barrisol is the ideal product for architects and designers to really unleash their imaginations.

Thanks to the nature of Barrisol, designs can be realised, function and form can be combined and stunning finishes can be obtained.

Barrisol Ceiling Design

All types of applications can be accommodated with a Barrisol Stretch Ceiling.

Barrisol installation details:

  • Cornices and beams can be made and installed
  • Barrisol can be used with the existing cornice
  • Cornice with lighting can be made for stretch ceilings
  • Star stretched ceiling can be used between beams to keep a traditional look while adding acoustic or decorative function
  • Barrisol has a complete system for skirting for pipes, pillars, columns
  • Barrisol manufacture curved and notched tracks for columns and curves
  • Barrisol allows for all accessories can be incorporated into the Barrisol ceiling system such as lights, smoke detectors, vents, sprinklers etc

Barrisol Lighting

Barrisol Stretch Ceiling systems can be used for functional and creative lighting. Spotlights that are approved by Barrisol can be mounted into the ceiling systems and LED systems can be incorporated, as well as backlighting and strip lights.

Barrisol Colours

The Barrisol Universe is available in over 230 different colours and 15 different finishes.

Barrisol Installations

Our in house design team can provide you with fast design, documentation and budgeting for your design concepts. This can be useful in the preparation of your tender documentation as we can provide job specific CAD drawings for inclusion.

Barrisol Welch services:

  • Design development and specific documentation
  • UK and international site surveys
  • Quick quotations
  • Prototyping
  • Lighting design and electronic control system specification
  • Lighting supply, installation and maintenance
  • Barrisol installation

Get in touch or call the Barrisol Welch team today on 0800 124 4143 to discuss your design.

3 replies
  1. Pansy Champagne
    Pansy Champagne says:

    One of our clients is classical musician, updating home music room – would Barrisol be of use or not? Could you give me an idea of acoustic benefits? If applicable which spec.

    • Barrisol
      Barrisol says:

      Dear Pansy
      Thank you for your interest in Barrisol Stretch Ceilings. We have a number of Acoustic Barrisol products that could be used with great effect.
      I have sent a range of Barrisol Acoustic fabrics samples and technical information to your London office, hope they come in useful.
      You may also find the following link for Barrisol Acoustics of some help
      Barrisol Welch

  2. Kenneth Jones
    Kenneth Jones says:

    One of my clients has a barrisol ceiling over a swimming pool and is planning a sauna/steam room extension – could barrisol be used in these areas also given the extremes of temperature/humidity?


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