Barrisol Classic Track

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Barrisol’s classic track systems are ideally suited to traditional Barrisol stretch ceiling and stretch wall applications.

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Barrisol Classic Track Profiles

Reference Description Profile
Ref: B301

The Barrisol classic B301 profile is designed to be wall fixed with a 90 degree lower return.

Track Profile B301
Ref: B311

The Barrisol classic B311 profile is designed to be wall fixed with a curved lower return.

Track Profile B311
Ref: B315

The Barrisol B315 profile allows the installation of linear light fittings to be fitted directly to the Barrisol separator.

Ref: B316

The Barrisol B316 profile allows larger ceiling panels to be joined together to allow the Barrisol ceiling to cover large areas..

Ref: B317/01

The Barrisol B317/01 profile allows the Barrisol sheet to be formed around columns or corners without the need for a joint.

Ref: B318/01

The Barrisol B318/01 profile allows multiple sheets to be fitted, separating the sheets with a small gap.

Track Profile B318/01
Ref: B318/11

The Barrisol B318/11 profile holds the stretch material in place with the ridges on the frame.

Track Profile B318/11
Ref: B320

The Barrisol B320 profile fits off the wall creating a curved frame with the material fitted into the top.

Ref: B326/01

The Barrisol B326/01 profile is normally fixed to the ceiling round the perimeter of the the room. Made of extruded aluminium, this can be formed into shape for 3D projects.