Jamaica Patty Co. Illuminated Stretch Ceiling Installation

Illuminated Ceilings

Jamaica Patty Co. Illuminated Stretch Ceiling Installation

The Jamaica Patty Co. provides a bright new face to London’s trendy Covent Garden dining scene with its traditional Caribbean food and beverages.

Founded by entrepreneur Theresa Roberts, with help from award winning Jamaican chef Colin Brown, the aim of the Jamaica Patty Co. was to bring high-quality Jamaican food to the UK.

Barrisol Welch is excited to have been part of the Jamaica Patty Co. flagship store development, with the installation of an illuminated Barrisol printed stretch ceiling system.

Barrisol Printed Ceiling

Providing a key focal point to the Jamaica Patty Co. store, the illuminated Barrisol ceiling features dimmable LED backlighting which highlights the HD print with monochrome stripes.

Take a look at this completed illuminated ceiling:

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Emirates Aviation Experience Illuminated Light Raft Installation


The Emirates Aviation Experience in London uses state of the art LED technology and Barrisol Translucent membranes. Interactive displays and life size aircraft models, visitors can enjoy an interactive aviation experience.

Featuring the world’s first public facing commercial flight simulators to include two Airbus A380s and two Boeing 777s and full landscape visuals, visitors can practice their flying skills.

Barrisol Illuminated Lighting Rafes Installation

Barrisol Welch manufactured the aluminium lighting rafts with intelligent IC LED with the ability to control each individual LED chip. This allows the ceiling panels to be used and displays with dramatic changing images to be show through the translucent membranes.

Take a look at the finished installation:

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Watch: Barrisol LED Light Box Testing Video

Watch: The Emirates Aviation Experience

Kaspersky Head Office

LED Light Boxes


The office in a newly built Paddington Central complex featuring Barrisol LED light boxes in the main reception areas. Half of the space will work for the British market, while the other half will coordinate European research and marketing efforts.

The new headquarters will replace the company’s offices in Oxfordshire, where Kaspersky has been based since it first arrived in the UK. The move was originally planned for October 2013, but it was delayed by infrastructure issues.

Kaspersky Laboratories develops the fourth most popular cyber security product in the world. Even though it originated from Russia, the holding company is actually registered in the UK and pays its fair share of tax here.

Kaspersky Laboratories hopes to eventually employ around 120 people at the new premises, most of them recruited in the UK.

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Asics Flagship Store

Light Box Installation

BW Lightbox Asics Retail Outlet

Working closely with  Quantum 4 Retail Design Barrisol Welch created a light box design for the new Asics Stores. The installation was first rolled out in Portugal, Canary Wharf and Leeds.

The design allows for the easy integration of technical services in the central track. The perimeter is ultra slim at just 9mm, painted and polished in High Gloss Blue.

Illumination is provided by our  LED System with a Rako wireless dimming system providing seamless step free dimming from a local keypad.

Barrisol Translucent Blanc Venus was used to diffuse the light on the lower sheets, creating perfect shadow free lighting.

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Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Barrisol Printed Ceiling

Barrisol Printed Stretch Ceiling

Thanks to donations from the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital has undergone a unique transformation to make the clinical hospital environment more welcoming and child friendly.

The renovations have helped to create a relaxed atmosphere for children undergoing treatment, with sound art and coloured lighting to provide stimulation and encouragement for patients of all ages.

A major part of this makeover includes the bespoke Barrisol printed ceiling over the hospitals hydrotherapy pool, transforming the area into an ‘under the sea’ wonderland.

Barrisol Installations

Working closely with IBI Group and Lend Lease, we created a technical ceiling design to comply with the stringent requirements for this NHS installation.

The full ceiling structure was pre-built and powder coated in the Barrisol Welch workshop.

We used Barrisol Star Track BS350/11 to allow the ceiling to have a minimum shadow gap around the perimeter.

We then transported and installed the self-supporting steel frame with stainless steel fixings. The final installation of Barrisol Blanc White Printed Sheet took less than two hours.

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SNOG Frozen Yogurt

LED Light Box Installation


SNOG is a worldwide brand with some of the most striking stores on the planet, featuring futuristic interior design and incredible lighting schemes with Barrisol Stretch Ceilings.

LED Illumination

LED panels are installed on a large stretch Barrisol Translucent diffusor creating a ‘digital skylight’ mounted on the ceiling of the brand new St John’s Wood store.

The ceiling acts like a low-resolution display, allowing fluid control of organic colourful shapes and chases. The lighting control provides a great interface for Snog to adjust the lighting mood and its built in time clock starts new scenes automatically.

Barrisol Welch were commissioned to supply and install a large Barrisol Light Box. The ceiling was installed using a Barrisol Star Track system fixed to traditional cornice to reflect the Victorian heritage of the building.

A Blanc Venus membrane was used due to its light diffusing properties as the material diffuses 52%% of light.

Take a look at the completed light box installation:

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Amicus Apple

Mirror Ceiling Panels


Situated in the heart of Aberdeen, Amicus Apple is the jewel in the crown when it comes to Scotland’s cocktail bar and gastro food scene.

The newly designed space will include a large expanse of Barrisol gloss black reflective mirror ceiling panels. The ceiling is further highlighted by 50 drop lighting features.

Working closely with a London based main contractor it was completed in Autumn 2013.

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The Bentall Centre

Illuminated Ceiling


The Bentall Centre is Kingston Upon Thames’ flagship shopping establishment. It plays a central role in the local community and as part of it’s 25th anniversary, the centre has committed to an exciting development project that aims to enhance its retail offer and provide new facilities to the meet the needs of its customers.

Amongst the centre enhancements is a new and inviting entrance with an improved lighting scheme to reflect the new fresh and modern look of the centre. Barrisol Welch supplied and installed 6 LED light boxes as part of the entrance redevelopment.

Barrisol Lightbox Installation

Following the project brief, we designed, supplied and fitted 6 LED light boxes utilising Barrisol’s prestigious stretch ceiling membrane.

The installation of the stretch ceiling is very quick, much more time is spent on prepping the area and any lighting work required. An initial clear sheet is installed to minimise the effect of dust creating shadows after long term installation. This also reduces the maintenance requirements of the installation.

The Barrisol Stretch Ceiling disperses the installed LED lighting very evenly and what you are left with is a bright, white, warm light to welcome and entice the local populous into the building in these cold winter nights.

Take a look at this shopping centre light installation:

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The Barbican Acoustic Stretch Ceiling Installation


The Barbican is one of the most iconic Brutalist buildings in the world. A Grade II listed building, the Barbican Redevelopment Scheme was a project of epic proportions, taking nearly 3 decades to design and complete.

The unusual building features two art galleries, two theatres, three cinemas, a concert hall and a tropical conservatory.

A major part of the venues development was the refurbishment of three of its key event spaces – the Garden Room, Conservatory and the Conservatory Terrace.

Barrisol Installation

Barrisol Welch was asked to install a bespoke acoustic ceiling with backlighting as a key feature of the Garden Room refurbishment.

We installed an acoustic stretch polymer which provided a consistent colour wash across the ceiling in order to instantly change the ambience and atmosphere of the room.

This ceiling transforms a space within seconds, without any need for additional lighting.

Take a look at this acoustic ceiling installation:

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Rochdale Interchange

Barrisol Stretch Ceiling


Rochdale’s new £11.5 million transport interchange will provide enhanced facilities and improved safety for passengers.

The scheme which has been part funded by the Department for Transport and built by Kier Construction, is part of a wider £250 million redevelopment of Rochdale town centre.

The facility will link directly with the new Metrolink extension and is Europe’s first transport interchange to have an integrated hydropower source.

The preferred design is a fully enclosed, single concourse incorporating travel centre, public toilets, café and additional retail facilities. The concourse is designed with a high degree of transparency and the stepped and tilted roof plates reflect the gradient of the site.

Barrisol Installations

Barrisol Welch supplied and installed a stretch ceiling to flow round the sweeping curves of the facility, creating and near seamless ceiling.

We used the Barrisol Star Track and 866m2 of Barrisol Matt stretch fabric to wrap the ceiling in this ultra modern building.

The Barrisol Star Track was screwed to the rigid building structure. Plasterboard is skimmed and has a background member within, to take the tension of the finished product. The jointing double track was be suspended using timber or MF metal studwork.

The Barrisol material was made approximately 7% smaller than the actual measurement at the Barrisol production facility in France and shipped to the site within seven days.

On site, the Barrisol membrane was warmed to 40ºC using propane gas heaters, stretched using Barrisol’s specialist spatula tools and then clipped into the Star Track system.

Apertures for lights, sprinklers, grilles etc. were cut out with reinforcing rings welded to the sheet thus allowing final fittings to be installed.

Take a look at this Barrisol Stretch Ceiling installation:

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