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Barrisol Welch Win Marine Contract

Barrisol Marine Stretch Ceilings Barrisol Welch awarded major marine contract Barrisol Welch is pleased to announce it’s latest contract win for the refit of the Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship. $155 million makeover of the Carnival Destiny The refit will include 104 Barrisol light fixtures Once completed the cruise liner will be renamed Carnival Sunshine with an increased capacity for […]

HSBC Head Office

Translucent LED Stretch Ceilings Barrisol Welch installed an extensive Barrisol Translucent Stretch Ceiling at the HSBC head office in Canary Wharf. Barrisol is a low maintenance, easy clean solution that is completely flexible to you design and project needs. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of Barrisol, get in touch or call us on 0800 […]

The Barrisol Layers Concept

Barrisol Layers The Barrisol Layers Concept is an innovative new way of designing and installing Barrisol Stretch Ceiling and Wall Systems for fantastic 3D visual effects. By strategically layering Barrisol Translucent Sheets with an LED lighting system, we can create a new depth of perception using Barrisol Printed sheets. Barrisol Innovation Barrisol Layers enables you to […]

Introducing Barrisol Artolis

Artolis Fabric System Barrisol Welch adds Barrisol Artolis to its expanding portfolio The latest Barrisol stretch fabric system, Artolis, combines discreet sound absorption with art. Barrisol Artolis is a highly durable stretch fabric Barrisol Welch is the UK’s leading supplier of Barrisol Artolis Fast and easy to install, with a clean professional finish Artolis Installations An ideal solution […]

John Martin Gallery

Barrisol Lighting Installation The John Martin Gallery in Soho, London, hosts exhibitions, publications and films by contemporary and 20th-century artists and acts. Barrisol Welch was asked to install a series of Barrisol light boxes throughout the gallery to help enhance the viewing experience of the exhibitions. Barrisol Installations Barrisol was chosen for its many benefits in museum […]

Introducing Barrisol Stretch Mirror

Barrisol Stretch Mirror Barrisol Stretch Mirror is launched in the UK Barrisol Stretch Mirror is the fruit of Barrisol’s latest research and development to expanding its line of stretch materials. Barrisol Welch now provide stretch mirror installations in the UK The same reflective capabilities of a true mirror Easy to clean and maintain Won’t break or […]

Barrisol Install Retail Lighting In Lacoste Flagship Store

French clothing company Lacoste has opened its flagship store in Knightsbridge, London. A £1.4 million re-fit has completely transformed the three-storey site, removing all of the buildings existing features and installing a new staircase complete with LED lights. The 7,500 square foot store is now Lacoste’s largest store in the world, beating the brand’s previous world record at […]

Barrisol Expert Design Service

Stretch Ceiling Specialists Barrisol is the ideal product for architects and designers to really unleash their imaginations. Thanks to the nature of Barrisol, designs can be realised, function and form can be combined and stunning finishes can be obtained. Barrisol Ceiling Design All types of applications can be accommodated with a Barrisol Stretch Ceiling. Barrisol installation details: Cornices […]

Barrisol Acoustic Technology Offers Advanced Acoustic Absorption

Acoustic Absorption involves Barrisol reducing the energy of reflected sound waves. The movement of air created by a sound source is partially absorbed and partially reflected by the Barrisol ceiling or walls. This absorption of the sound waves reduces reverberation. The Barrisol material absorbs some of the sound energy. It takes the sound energy that it absorbs […]

Barrisol Quality – World Leading Stretch Ceilings

A World Leader In Quality The first stretch ceiling was manufactured by Barrisol Normalu in France in 1969. The Barrisol Universe offers a complete line of products for architects, decorators, interior designers and end users, with a a pledge for the Barrisol guarantee of durability and quality. In helping to establish new industry wide standards, Barrisol […]