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With over 40 years of experience in retail lighting design, the Barrisol Welch process takes all the illumination requirements of retail-specific stores into consideration.

Competition on high street is as competitive as ever with retailers vying for attention. By installing a Barrisol stretch system with our professional design skills, your shop window can really stand out from the crowd and entice customers to enter your store.

Store Front & Entrance

Be bold and creative with your store design. The moment your customers step into store they are at a crucial decision point as to whether they want to stay and look around or leave. This is why the design of your store front and entrance is so important.

The Barrisol Welch design team understand that your store entrance is a snapshot to your brand. With the correct use of eye-catching Barrisol visuals should entice shoppers into your store and make them feel at ease with their surroundings.

Customers should be able to clearly identify areas of the store to visit and understand the layout of the store.

Barrisol Welch Jamaica Patty Co Illuminated Ceiling

Store Retails Areas

In order to increase footfall, the shop floor needs to be clearly and attractively lit whilst drawing customers to specific areas.

The size and layout of the store must also be considered. Strategic positioning of Barrisol luminaries helps maximise the impact on the shop floor. For example using Artolis vertical lighting on walls makes your store look and feel more spacious, or narrower strips of light using Barrisol translucent’s create an intimate and dramatic experience for customers and staff alike.

BW Studio B Kensington High Street

Retail Lighting Displays

A successful retail schemes follows theatrical principles in an attempt to keep their audience coming back for more. The eye tends to follow light, so the use of Barrisol and Artolis as valuable tools in drawing the customer’s attention.

Shelving and displays can be lit in a number of ways by Barrisol’s lighting products – it may be LED ceiling lighting or a funky display area, with a mix of LED colour temperatures.

Gallery of Barrisol Retail Lighting Installations

Contact us for more information or call 0800 124 4143 to discuss how we can help you to devise and shape impressive shopping environments.

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