Pixel Perfect Projections

Barrisol Museum Projection Ceiling Installation

The smooth opaque properties of Barrisol stretch sheets make them ideal for use as large projection screens. Stretched over structures of any shape or size, a Barrisol stretch system can incorporate a vivid array of colours, changing text, videos and patterns.

For projects requiring front projections, we recommend a matt white or grey finish for optimal visual quality. For rear projections, we recommend a translucent finish to allow for the images to be fully visible through the material.

Projection Applications

We’ve completed some pretty impressive projects in our time. Take a look at our most recent Barrisol Welch projection installation at the Natural History Museum in London.

Other popular applications include:

  • Branded projections in hotels and commercial offices
  • Art galleries and exhibitions
  • Retail
  • Guerilla advertising displays
  • Nightclubs
  • University auditoriums

Take a look at some of our other favourite Barrisol projects.