Custom Made Printed Wall Coverings

Create and customise your own stunning printed mural with Barrisol printing.

Available in a range of Barrisol finishes, including the Barrisol Artolis printed murals, we can duplicate any picture, artwork or logo directly onto a Barrisol sheet using the latest high definition, digital printing technology.

Every printed wall cover is made to measure and can be combined with a Barrisol lighting system for a fresh, clean and modern look that is wonderfully original.

The unique woven finish of a Barrisol Artolis fabric system offers high durability in areas where walls are likely to be scratched or brushed against.

Our printed walls offer a fast and clean installation, with considerably less mess than traditional wallpapering techniques and the added benefit of being easy to remove and reinstall at any time, without damage.

Watch: Barrisol Artolis Printed Murals

Printed walls

Printed wall coverings can be applied anywhere. Due to its exceptional durability rating, we recommend using a Barrisol Artolis fabric system in areas with high footfall or a standard Barrisol stretch system in areas that are slightly out of reach.

We’ve installed some beautiful wall coverings to suit a range of tastes and purposes. Some of the more popular applications include:

  • Commercial Offices – Build funky partitions between workspaces, create endless branding opportunities, improve acoustics and combine more light with additional backlighting features.
  • Residential – Make a statement with a unique and durable feature wall that involves considerably less mess than wallpapering and can be used to cover up unsightly structural details.
  • Retail – Create eye-catching, portable and durable retail displays that can be taken down and reused again and again.
  • Leisure – The high acoustic properties and superb durability rating make Barrisol Artolis ideal for a range of leisure applications including swimming pools, sports halls, cinemas, casinos, bars and restaurants.

Take a look at some of our favourite print projects.

Gallery of Barrisol Print and Barrisol Artolis Installations