Optimum Acoustic Performance

Barrisol MicrosorberBarrisol Microsorber is a Barrisol Stretch Sheet that offers optimal acoustic performance whilst also allowing for creativity in the design of buildings where both sound and architectural design is of utmost importance.

The Barrisol Microsorber sheets can be installed in front of glass walls, ceilings and facades as a single or double sheet combination to reduce the level of sound reverberation in any room.

The Microsorber membranes are also printable and UV stabilised to protect any printed images from deteriorating when being installed on glass facades.

Microsorber Acoustic Properties

The Microsorber principle of transparent sound absorption allows for uncompromised artistry in projects where room acoustics play a crucial role.

A single Microsorber sheet will absorb up to 65% of sounds whilst adding another second layer can provide up to 80% sound absorption rates, without affecting light levels.

The distance that the sheet is installed from the wall is adjustable. This affects at what frequency bands the solution is most effective at absorbing.

The acoustic properties of the system, both as a single and double layer, are expressed in the following graphs:

Acoustic Properties of Barrisol Microsorber

Barrrisol M icrosorber Twin Layer Acoustic Test

Microsorber Technical Specification

Acoustic SystemsMicrosorber | MCBR 1Crosorber | MCBR – ETFE
MAX WIDTH1,250mm1,500mm
THICKNESS0.096 à / 0.175mm0.1mm
FINISHESTransparent / Translucent / PrintedTransparent / Translucent
FIRE RATINGB-S1 d0 (DIN EN 13501-1)B-S1 d0 (DIN EN 13501-1)

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