An essential part of our Barrisol installation service is performing site surveys and pre-installation site meetings with our clients.

Through our 40 years of business experience we appreciate that meeting face to face and developing a relationship with our clients is essential to ensure a project is successful.

Our engineers are all experienced at meeting all levels of project participants and conversing with end clients, architects, designers, corporate sponsors, management teams, main contractors, on site teams and other site contractors.


site survey


During site surveys our engineers discuss and review:

  • Viability and validation.
  • Co-ordination with all project stakeholders required to install the Barrisol systems.
  • Requirements for supporting structures.
  • Site readiness details.
  • Fabrication requirements.
  • Site measurements, accurate detailed dimensions required for Barrisol installation.
  • Transport and material delivery requirements.
  • Access requirements.
  • Timing and scheduling requirements.
  • Local site working policies.
  • Health and safety factors, incorporating details for risk assessments and method statements.
  • Permit to work systems.
  • Hot working permit systems and Fire alarm, sprinkler isolation.
  • High level working access requirements.
  • Cordon, barrier, thorough fare and protection requirements.
  • Other local material and finish factors.
  • Electrical and mechanical details.