Barrisol ELT3D – Illuminated 3D Ceiling

Our new fabric diffuses the LEDs in a truly fascinating way, enabling it to be used with any colour you like. The ELT®3D textile makeup allows it to be used in so many different ways. The ELT®3D process opens up a whole new range of creative opportunities.

Thanks to the unique textile, polymer and glass weave, this product creates an unparalleled 3D effect.

ELT®3D light structures create true optical depth, adding volume to your spaces.

With these, you can create a sensation of more than 500mm of added depth from a real space of just 50mm

barrisol 3d fabric

Create your own design according to the light source, its position and how it is programmed.

Individual designs can be made to order. By adapting the model, the number and arrangement of the LED light sources behind the fabric.

For more information please contact Barrisol Welch