Barrisol® Lightbox and Illuminated Ceiling Systems

Barrisol® Translucent Lightbox and ceilings can be backlit using LED to create specialist lighting features. The light is perfectly diffused by the Barrisol® and has the benefit of being robust, allowing for floor to ceiling mounted light boxes.

Barrisol Lightbox  Colour Changing Marine Ceiling

Barrisol® Lightbox

Lightboxes are a unique and imaginative way to light and show of a certain space. The fixture instantly becomes the center of attention when lit up by the lighting systems behind it. If you want the lightbox to illuminate an object in the room the light will expand from the box and shine down on it. The LED within the lightbox can be one color or various colors and they can also create a pattern or be still. 

The lightbox can be adapted to suit any interior.  It can also be used to provide sharp, clean light in manufacturing facilities, retail outlets or hospitals. Due to there being no limits of where you can have the lightbox it can also become an eye-grabbing feature for a reception, lobby, bar, or showroom.

The first video is the installation of Barrisol ® lightboxes installed at the John Martin Gallery and the second video is the installation of Barrisol ® lightboxes at HSBC Canary Wharf.


Barrisol® Projection

The translucent stretch material can also be used for projection. Stretched across structures the projection screen can be any size you want it. Within the projection screen there can be any kind of light, picture, image, text, or movie can be projected onto the sheet. This translucent material is generally used in museums, exhibitions, or corporate headquarters but would make anywhere look more sophisticated.

Gallery of Barrisol® Translucent lightboxes