Form without compromise

Barrisol track systems are the perimeter rails which hold the stretch ceiling, printed wall or 3D form securely into place.

Made from 100% recyclable aluminium and PVC, Barrisol track systems are lightweight and incredibly durable.

There are two main track systems to choose from. The traditional Barrisol track profile which is fixed to the wall and remains visible after installation, and the Barrisol Star track profile which offers improved fitting options and is invisible after installation.

Barrisol Star track systems

The Barrisol Star track system is the most popular rail option due to its incredible resilience. Every system is made to order, providing maximum adaptability when it comes to your interior design project.

With the ability to be manipulated into any desired shape, Barrisol Star enables the Barrisol stretch sheeting to take on an unlimited number of forms.

Track system applications

Take a look at the Barrisol Rail Catalogue to see the incredible range of possibilities with a Barrisol Star rail system, or take a look at our CAD profile downloads to view the various profile options available.