Barrisol® Colour Material Samples

From the Barrisol® Colours samples book. Offering more than 230 colours and 15 finishes.

Reflective Gloss Range – Les reflects laques®

Samples Barrisol Gloss Reflective Colours

Barrisol® Colours – Les reves satines®

Barrsiol Satin Colours Barrisol Satin Colours



Barrisol® Matt Colours – Les mats tradition®

Barrisol Matt Colours



Barrisol® Translucent – Les translucides®


Barrisol ceiling


Barrisol® – Les recycles® – Les Xtremes® – Les Metal®

Barrisol Colours



Barrsiol® – Flock Material Colours – Les daims ambiance®

Barrisol Flock Colours



Barrsiol® – Metallic Colours – Les Effects Matiere®

Barrisol Metal Colours





Barrisol® – Translucent Flock Designs – Creadesign®


Barrsiol Crea Design Colours


Barrisol® – Acoustic – Les Acoustics®

Barrisol Acoustic