Barrisol® Stretch Mirror

Stretch Mirror – The latest development from Barrisol® bought to you by Barrisol Welch.

Stretch Mirror Design

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror products allow conceptualists and designers to ignore the restraints of traditional mirrored surfaces and create reflective visuals without compromise.

barrisol mirror design detail Brush brass stretch mirror edge detail

As a glassless material the Barrisol® Stretch Mirror provides the perfect lightweight mirror product for interior design, theatrical and broadcast set design, retail display, exhibitions, lighting applications, marine installations and many more commercial and residential areas.

The true mirror-like high reflectance of the material ensures an exceptional surface appearance that can be used to accentuate detail, highlight decorative or focal features, brighten dull or plain surfaces, add visual effects and increase depth and height within interior spaces.

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror offers many advantages over traditional mirror finishes. The main benefit is Barrisol® Mirror is an extremely light product with a weight of 1.2 Kg per square metre, making it the only choice for complex display and suspended installations. The material has been specially developed to be fixed onto self-supporting frames, ensuring fast and efficient installation. Barrisol® Stretch Mirror frames can be joined to create large surfaces of perfect reflectance.

Barrisol® Stretch Mirrors are manufactured from a highly reflective metalized polymer film that will not break or shatter like traditional glass mirrors. The Barrisol® Stretch Mirror also provides a brighter reflection than other glassless mirror and reflective finish materials. Barrisol® Stretch Mirror is easy to clean and maintain.

Because the product is designed for self supporting frames it can be easily be removed and re-installed for portable applications, exhibitions and displays.

The Barrisol® Stretch Mirror is available in silver and gold both comes with a protective film, which is removed after installation to leave a perfect mirror finish.

Barrisol® Stretch Mirrors are “CE” certified and fire rated following the European and international norms bs2-d0. Barrisol® guarantees the product in public spaces and guarantees the same level of exigency in your house. These tests completed by French, English and American independent laboratories, confirm that the Barrisol®products do not present any risk to health during the installation or to the final customer.

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror can also be used in museums, art galleries, dance studios, gymnasiums, physical therapy and treatment rooms, fitness centres, schools, colleges, casinos, nightclubs, dressing rooms, hotel and office lobbies and reception areas, bathrooms, rest rooms, kitchens and many more locations.