Barrisol® Welch supply and install Barrisol® Artolis® wall coverings and printed walls for many different applications. The Artolis® system is normally used instead of the normal Barrisol® system due to its durability. As Artolis® is a woven finish it allows it to withstand being scratched or brushed against. Barrisol® can be used for wall coverings if the wall cannot be reached by the general public such as a barrier being in place or the wall high up. Wall coverings and printed walls can be used in the following applications:


  • Printed walls to make small rooms seem larger
  • Printed walls to decorate all rooms within the house
  • Wall coverings to cover up unsightly or plain walls
  • Artolis® walls for durability
  • Acoustic walls for better properties in certain rooms
  • Backlit walls to make dark rooms lighter

Campden Hill Gate 1Commercial

  • Printed walls to make the offices look larger
  • The companies logo can be printed onto the office walls
  • For partitions between different offices or meeting rooms
  • Artolis® walls or printed walls to cover up structural detail
  • Acoustic walls for better acoustic properties within the office
  • Backlit office walls to create more light within offices with little natural light
  • Uniquely shaped walls and eye catching patterns



  • Printed walls for in store retail displays
  • Printed Artolis® or Barrisol® for shop window displays
  • Eye catching walls in store or shop windows to catch the public’s eye
  • Backlit Artolis® walls or printed walls to light up the shop or certain displays
  • Acoustic walls for better acoustic properties in store
  • Unique printed patterns or shaped walls

artolis retail


  • Swimming pool walls – printed or standard Artolis®
  • Gymnasiums/ Sports Halls
  • Changing rooms/showers
  • Gaming and casino areas
  • Cinemas
  • Bars and VIP areas
  • Restaurants