Barrisol® Welch have working partnerships with quite a few museums/exhibitions in the UK. The main ones we have built partnerships with are The Natural History Museum and The V&A. Barrisol® have also supplied and installed whole exhibitions/parts of exhibitions made from Barrisol® for companies such as Renault, Audi, Samsung, Fiat, Iveco and Sony Ericsson to name just a few. Barrisol® themselves also go to many exhibitions all over the world with many different Barrisol® stands showcasing the wide variety of Barrisol® products. Barrisol® also have there own showroom in Mulhouse, France which incorporates many of the different materials.

When it comes to exhibitions there are many different ways Barrisol® can be used:

  • Lightboxes or backlit translucent ceilings to light up the exhibitions
  • Mirrored or gloss ceilings for reflective surfaces
  • Exhibition surrounds or features

Barrisol 3D Form

  • Eye catching printed ceilings to attract the public’s eye
  • Barrisol® rafts for projection (as seen below at The Natural History Museum)


  • Artolis® walls or printed Artolis® for durable walls/ceilings that might come into close public contact
  • Unique light features or 3D forms to go around the exhibition
  • Whole exhibition stands in Barrisol®
  • Acoustic ceilings/walls or rafts for better acoustic properties within the exhibition (as seen below at The V&A Museum)

V&A 1