With the unique high quality Barrisol® finishes you can easily and quickly transform office spaces into aesthetically welcoming, creative locations, enhancing working facilities.

Barrisol® material finishes can be used for both ceiling, wall, suspended and 3D interior features. Manufactured from a refined recyclable PVC based polymer with European fire ratings of BS1d0 Barrisol® Welch install Barrisol® systems for the following commercial office applications:

  • Individual ceiling or wall features.
  • Suspended and 3D interior features.
  • Printed ceiling or wall murals.
  • Printed panels with commercial livery and corporate designs.
  • Lighting and general illumination features – see lighting applications

1 londonwall

  • Complete ceiling and wall systems for spaces and rooms to provide a clean, fast install, maintenance free solution.
  • Fast turn around installations for refurbishment or re-deployment projects.
  • Cover and hide – cover existing walls, partitions, ceilings quickly without the need for full refurbishment or re-decoration works.
  • Acoustic solutions for all working areas – see acoustics details
  • Recycle existing office structures and features – install Barrisol® into existing ceiling systems
  • Reception and general thoroughfare areas.
  • Meeting spaces and auditoriums.
  • General working areas.

Barrisol translucent Rutherglen

  • Corridors and welfare/facilities areas.
  • All building areas and spaces.
  • Vast range of material finishes, any size installations for ceilings and wall systems for interior design schemes. Over 230 colours and shades available.