Barrisol Stretch Mirror

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror, the fruit of Barrisol®’s research and development endeavors, is Barrisol®’s latest addition to an already exhaustive range of products and finishes.
With a high power of reflection, this amazing sheet merges the reflective capacity of a mirror, the manageability of the sheet and ease of installation. Designed to change the decoration without
the need to modify the space, Barrisol® Mirror sheets decorate and delimitate spaces, multiply smaller volumes, bringing elegance and design to the rooms they are applied to.
When suspended to the ceiling, Barrisol® Mirror, with its reflections, brings subtle or more forceful touches of light and modernity.

Barrisol Stretch Mirror

Barrisol Stretch Mirror Launch at 100% Design

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror Fire Rating

Barrisol® Mirror sheets are fire rated following the European and international standards (BS2-D0). All fire and toxicity tests confirm that Barrisol® Mirror sheets meet public and home spaces requirements.
Barrisol® Stretched Ceilings are rated A+ (best result) for indoor air quality, in accordance with current legislation.

Barrisol Stertch Ceiling Mirror in Silver

Barrisol® Stretch Mirror CE Conformity

Barrisol® mirrors are “CE” certified and fire rated following the European and international norms (bs1-d0, bs2-d0, bs3-d0).Barrisol® guarantees product in public spaces and guarantees the same level of exigency in your house. These tests completed by French, English and American independent laboratories, confirm that the Barrisol® products do not present any risk to health during the installation or to the final customer.

World Finest Stretch Ceiling Mirror Barrisol


The Barrisol® Mirror range is extremely light (292g/sqm). These new sheets are specifically designed to be fixed on aluminum frames and come in many shapes: rectangles, circles, triangles or squares.
Mirror touches bring light while large intense frames deepen the space, making Barrisol® Mirror sheets a perfect fit for all universes and enhancing inner decorations.
Barrisol® Mirror sheets are works of art, giving free reign to imagination, from classical to bold design, making it the only choice for difficult display and suspended installations. Barrisol® Mirror frames can be joined to create large surfaces of perfect reflectance.  The Barrisol® Mirror is available in silver and gold both comes with a protective film, which is removed after installation to leave a perfect mirror finish.

Stetch Mirror Launch on the Barrisol100% Design London

The Gold  and Silver finishes of Barrisol® Mirror sheets give space a unique character. The silvery Barrisol® Mirror sheet blends into the background like a glass mirror. Resolutely  modern, the silvery finish is impressive and displays a beautiful brightness. This innovative material widens spaces, conveying a contemporary and uncluttered touch to decorations.

Waiting for the opening of 100% Design London for the Launch of Barrisol® New Stretch Mirror Finishes.


5 replies
  1. J Harper
    J Harper says:

    My design practice has looked into using non Barrisol stretch mirrors in the past, but with them not having a Class 0 Fire rating we couldn’t take the risk for our clients.
Are Barrisol mirror samples currently available?

    Kind Regards

    James Harper

    • Barrisol
      Barrisol says:

      Hi James

      Yes we have a small number of Barrisol Stretch Mirror Samples in both silver and gold.
 Please contact us with your practice details and we will arrange for some samples to be delivered ASAP.


      Barrisol Welch

  2. Benny Norman
    Benny Norman says:

    Barrisol mirror foil, it is as extensible as the white white foil (transulent) foil as you simulates water damage on the video, can mirror may be stretched as the video and still reflect a mirror?

    We deal with large solutions and ensures that your products can suit us. We want to build large curved screens for rear and front projection screen and custom designed solutions also art exhibitions, would like to obtain samples.

    Benny Norman


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